Indonesia Creative Agency

We are a creative company in Indonesia under PT Cakti Media Indonesia. We believe that choosing the right communication message for the right audience is very important for a successful program or product campaign.

We use all aspects of the marketing mix. The marketing mix in question includes advertising, sales promotion, and public relations.

Marketing is not one way anymore. It is a two way where business and customer are equally important. Marketing as a whole is much more than advertising. It covers various other aspects like branding, public relations, social media marketing and so on.


To help clients create campaigns and messages to convey to target customers, we focus on providing business strategy, branding, creative production, as well as marketing services.


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Apikin consists of creative people who work with passion, gathered in a dynamic and fun ecosystem. We try to answer all challenges and go beyond the boundaries of creativity in implementing an integrated digital strategy in every project we carry out.

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Graphic Design, Video Editor, & Copywriter